Mary Ryan Enright

Mary Ryan EnrightBusiness Founder – Dreamer, Reader, Candle Lover, Expert Fragrance Tester

Hi! My name is Mary and I am the dreamer who founded The Happy Candle. It is my mission in life to spread happiness around. I LOVE candles and I thought “Let’s mix some happiness into a candle!” and The Happy Candle was born. I also love Mindfulness. It has taught me to see life differently and to find happiness in the little moments that make up a life.

My favourite part of the candle making process is the pouring. I love pouring the beautiful golden liquid wax into the containers. To relax, I love watching a good movie, being with my husband, children and friends, listening to music, holidays and smiles.

I think smiling at everyone you meet in your day, beats an apple a day hands down!

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